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"The Witch's Eight Paths of Power" (Weiser Books) was published September 2014 and is available in digital or trade paperback formats at:




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According to Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows, there are eight methods to practice magick.  They are:

* Meditation or Concentration.  Called for short, "Intent."
* Trance; projection of the Astral.
* Rites, Chants, Spells, Runes, Charms, etc. "The Craft"
* Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. "Intoxicants".
* The Dance, and kindred practices.
* Blood Control (the Cords), Breath Control, and kindred practices.
* The Scourge.
* The Great Rite. 

Rather than describe spell recipes, or even how to practice the Sabbats, Sable details how to utilize each of the Eight Paths as a technique to make your magick and practice more effective.  Each chapter details one of the paths and breaks it down into a complete, workable practice.

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