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CLEARANCE: Handmade Reiki Stones

$30.00 $40.00

I am no longer able to offer my reiki stones at their original reasonable price, so I'm clearing out the ones I still have! These stones, hand-carved with a Dremel, are intended for use in Reiki healing work. Place them around your client or the poppet you're using in their place to invoke their energies.

Options include:

Red Tiger's Eye with Gold Leaf - vitality, power, courage - gold for purity, cleansing, spirituality, balance

Orange Calcite - life force, chakra balancing, happiness

These sets come with the handmade bags shown. The ones with the gold leaf cost considerably more to make, so you're getting a deal on those, but my webstore has limited product slots, and i want to clear them out, so I'll take the hit.

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