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Witch's Flying Ointments & Ritual Ointments

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These are traditional, handmade witch's ointments for serious witches and magicians. They are traditional handmade entheogenic ointments that have been tried and proven true through careful experimentation. Please note that many of the ingredients are TOXIC. They should NEVER be ingested!

All oils are made with natural herb extractions and essential oils in a base of natural beeswax and olive oil. No artificial ingredients used whatsoever. Keep them in a dark, cool place and they will last for years. They are marked with a hand-calligraphed label.

Current options include:

Hecate: the recipe included in my book, The Witch's Eight Paths of Power. Includes mugwort, wormwood, cinquefoil, and more. Used for deep divination and astral travel.

Lilith: traditional belladonna and aconite ointment. Used for astral travel and shapeshifiting.

Astarte: traditional mandrake ointment. Used primarily for sex magick.

All ointments include clove oil to heighten psychic ability and help the skin absorb the active ingredients better.

Instructions for use: apply ointment (only a fingernail's worth at first!) to mucus membranes such as temples and wrists. Effects should be apparent within half an hour. If you are dissatisfied, apply more. If you are displeased with the results and they make you uncomfortable, wash off with hot soapy water and the effects should disappear quickly.

Do not use too frequently, as this may result in poisoning, which includes neurological issues and damage to the liver. Do not use if you have liver damage, neurological damage, or are being treated with chemotherapy. However, this is safe when used as directed.

This items may be illegal in your area. Please educate yourself as to your local laws before asking me to ship them.

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