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Wild Yam Topical Ointment

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You may have heard of wild yam as being effective for balancing feminine hormones, especially in menopause. What you may NOT have heard is that it's more effective when taken topically than orally. This ointment is made not only with wild yam root, but with essential oils good for improving desire and balancing hormones as well, that also happen to be good for your skin (rose, lavender, clary sage, carrot seed, more). Apply to the face and hands in gradually increasing amounts over the course of the month, then stop when you're expecting your period; or, if past all that, just apply the same amount regularly. A tiny bit goes a really long way.

These creams and ointments with wild yam as their base are often available commercially, but are really expensive and use more of the wild yam extract than they need to. I'm trying to keep the price point low.

Homemade on my kitchen stove with natural beeswax and olive oil. Keep them in a cool, dark place and they will last for quite some time. However, wild yam begins to lose potency after a couple of years, so you may wish to replace it every 2-3 years or so.

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