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Chasing Fireflies - Signed Paperback


This is a signed paperback of Chasing Fireflies: A Summer Romance Anthology, a work Sable contributed to.

It is considerably cheaper on Amazon when you factor in shipping costs. So why would you order it here?

  • You directly support Sable because every dime goes to her, not just the royalties.
  • It's personally signed.

The Amazon link is available above if you prefer. Thanks for your support!

New beginnings, second chances, and forbidden romance await you inside this multi-genre collection.

From Janae Keyes: It was supposed to be an escpe, falling in love was never part of the plan.

From Rebekah Dodson: A respectable woman left behind in war finds fulfillment in a forbidden man.

From Sarah Buhrman: Magic, mystery, and deceit surround a medieval woman's search for her lost love.

From Diane Morrison: A deep cover Elven soldier discovers that when you learn to think like your enemy, you might also learn to love them.

From Deliaria Davis: In real life, love is complicated and messy, but sometimes you just know it's meant to be, and this Alaskan teenager intends to prove it, despite the odds.

From A.C Jade: Two strangers discover that a one-night summer affair isn't all they have in common.

From Jay Michael Wright II: Can a cursed doctor find love with a gorgeous Demon before those hunting her find them out?

From Kayla Kirby: Home before he deploys, David runs into an old friend from high school. David quickly learns that Riley is harboring a dark secret and, in order to attempt to help her, he presents to her a challenge.

From C.L. Cannon: It's the eleventh hour, and he has to decide. Remain her friend, or take the chance at something more?

If you're looking for the Kindle version, you can get it here .

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