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The Witch's Eight Paths of Power #5 - Dance Add Video

Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows delineates eight different methods of creating magick. The fifth path, "The Dance, and kindred practices" is about using movement of the body to create sacred art and shift consciousness. This covers everything from tribal and shamanic dancing, to ecstatic dance and possession trances, to folk dancing and circle dancing, to performance art and ritual, to a personal celebration of the Gods and Goddesses within, and it even includes other practices of sacred movement, such as yoga and Tai Chi. Only the most basic of these practices could be covered in this short video, with a special focus on Dance as utilized by Wiccans and Pagans. http://sablearadia.webs.com

Music Credits: "Lord of the Dance" by Todd Alan, "Fairy Dances" by Elven. The use of these songs is not intended to challenge copyright. I encourage you to check out the music of some of my favourite musical artists!

Posted by SableAradia on January 16, 2011 at 3:49 PM 2295 Views

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