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The Witch's Eight Paths of Power #3 - The Craft Add Video

Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows delineates eight different methods of creating magick. The third path, "Rites, Chants, Spells, Runes & Charms," collectively known as "the Craft" or "the Art Magickal," is the form of magick that is most commonly associated with Witchcraft. Practicing "the Craft' involves using a complex language of symbolism to create a performance or process art that utilizes all the senses. In this way, a Witch or Magician's Will is communicated to the subconscious, and subsequently, the Universe. http://sablearadia.webs.com

Music Credits: "The Witches' Rune" by Spiral Dance, "Fairy Dances" by Elven. The use of these songs is not intended to challenge copyright. I encourage you to check out the music of some of my favourite musical artists!

Posted by SableAradia on January 16, 2011 at 3:42 PM 2409 Views

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