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Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival 2013 #7 - Heather ... Add Video

Musical performances for the Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival, filmed on location at Modeste Creek Park, Drayton Valley, AB, Canada, on June 30, 2013. Seven Pagan music artists from the US and Canada gather to play and perform on one stage! This series of seven videos will present their live performances in entirety from start to finish.


Performers from 2013 (in order of appearance) are: Chalice and Blade, Chad McLeary, Sable, Vanessa Cardui, the Edmonton Pagan Choir, Sharon Knight and Heather Dale.


Set List:


Martin Said to His Man 01:01

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 05:48

Sedna 13:04

Fisherman's Boy 21:26

Troubadour 29:25

Fille Du Roy 35:56

Never Quite Eden 43:26

Mordred's Lullaby 50:14

Skeleton Woman 56:02

Joan 1:01:14

Storytelling 1:09:40

The Seal Lord 1:14:55

Stone Soup 1:20:50


End Credits - Joan 1:28:51


Heather Dale is a popular medieval fantasy and Pagan folk artist from Toronto, ON. Her extensive collection of albums includes "The Trial of Lancelot" (2000,) "Call the Names" (2001,) "This Endris Night" (2002,) "May Queen" (2004,) "The Road to Santiago" (2005,) "The Legends of Arthur" (2006,) "The Gabriel Hounds" (2008,) "The Green Knight" (2009,) "Avalon" (2010,) "Fairytale" (2011,) and the free internet album "Perpetual Gift" (2012). This list does not even include her many live albums! You can find her on her website http://www.heatherdale.com, on Facebook, and on her YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/heatherdalemusic. Her music can be found at Amazon or directly on her website.


Sponsored by Where Faeries Live and Northern Tribes Pagan Radio (Edmonton). Produced by Sable Aradia. Copyright (c) 2013 Sable Aradia, Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival and Sharon Knight; all rights reserved.

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