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Sable - Air Moves Us (Binaural Beats) Add Video


Buy this track at http://sablearadia.bandcamp.com/track/air-moves-us-with-binaural-beats. From the album "Elemental (with Binaural Beats,)" featuring meditation music for each of the four cardinal elements plus spirit, each attuned to a different brainwave frequency (delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma.) Available at http://sablearadia.bandcamp.com.


Though beta waves should improve your concentration and not weaken it, use caution when driving or operating heavy machinery while listening until you know how these tones affect you, and if you have a seizure disorder, use of brainwave entrainment technologies is not advised. Headphones required. There is also a version with isochronic tones available that does not require headphones.


Intended for use with my upcoming book "The Witch's Eight Paths of Power," or as a supplement to my streaming video class series on "The Witch's Eight Paths of Power: The Second Path - Trance" (message me for details.) Listen as quietly as you like.


Instruments used: Agate wind chimes, belly dance shawl, metal wind chimes, Tibetan temple bells, vox, wood flute.


Nature sounds: desert winds and bird calls.


Binaural Beats: beta waves 14 Hz for concentration, focus and visualization. Carrier (Solfeggio) frequency: 741 Hz (awakening intuition).


Brainwave entrainment: Levels of consciousness are determined by brainwaves. Changing consciousness, and therefore, your dominant brainwave type, happens all the time. The key for magickal or meditation practice is learning how to do this at will. Brainwave entrainment uses an external rhythmic stimulus to synchronize brainwaves and thus induce the desired state of consciousness.


Binaural beats: Two tones close to each other will induce a response in the brain equivalent to the difference between them. The brain reacts to the subsonic tone in between. These rhythms are known as binaural "two sound" beats. Headphones (or a really brilliant surround sound system with speakers at opposite ears) are necessary to make use of these frequencies because it is essential that the brain create its own response by reacting to the difference between these two tones. This is a form of *auditory or rhythmic driving* as a method of trance induction.


Solfeggio frequencies: Solfeggio frequencies are generated by numerology through the use of the Preston Toroidal Scale. which is a scale of nine tones rather than eight. It is believed that they were used in Gregorian and Sanskrit chants to impart spiritual blessings during religious/spiritual ceremonies. Modern New Age proponents believe that the vibrations produced by these frequencies have certain effects upon our bodies and spirits. I use Solfeggio frequencies as my carrier frequencies for the binaural beats and isochronic tones I have embedded in this music.


"Air Moves Us" was written in inspiration of the cardinal element "Air" around a Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz, for awakening intuition, and a binaural beat of 14 Hz beta waves,) designed for concentration, focus, communication and visualization.


Original music copyright (c) 2012 by Sable Aradia (Diane Morrison). All rights reserved.


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