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Book reviews, and some words from Sable's satisfied clients & customers:

Quotes About a year ago I was searching for a way to unite the traditions and instructions of traditional Gardnerian Witchcraft as I learned more then 30 years ago from Janet & Stewart Farrar's workshops and books with a 'fresh face' approach that would appeal to the next generation of seekers - and I found the bridge I was looking for in '8 Paths of Power' by Lady Sable. Boldly re-imagined, intelligently constructed and - above all - practical, '8 Paths' offers those just starting out and seasoned witches alike exercises and insights that clarify Gardner's path and challenge us as practitioners to 'dive deeper'. In addition, Lady Sable incorporates additional tools and resources from such traditions as Reclaiming and Feri that builds upon and strengthens upon Gardner's teachings. The result is nothing less than a triumph that will insure a resurgence of interest and respect for Wicca for decades to come. Quotes
Bruce Blank
Caretaker - Ma'at's Temple of south central Kansas

Quotes Lady Sable demystifies the Eightfold path of Witchcraft, providing powerful doorways to magical awareness using time-honored methods adapted for today's modern Witch. Witches have long used the Eight paths of power to part the veil between the worlds and, through this book, Lady Sable has opened those paths anew that we may draw wisdom from the well-trod path. Quotes
Christian Day
Author of The Witches' Book of the Dead

Quotes Lady Sable Aradia has provided a succinct, applicable and integrative guide for 'walking the 8-fold path with practical feet'. In this book, this much beloved and respected core Wiccan teaching is fleshed out and given muscle; so that all witches can hone their intent and refine their magic. Quotes
Orion Foxwood
Author of The Candle & the Crossroads & The Tree of Enchantment

Quotes Diane, Vicky, Lois, Selena - thank you! The Threads That Bind Us with words of encouragement, positive energy and a restful place to stop in the busy world outside. Thank you for being part of the transformation of my journey. Sent with appreciation, gratitude and love. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes I have been finding myself visiting "The Threads That Bind Us" on more and more occasions. In finding a fantastic group of people "The Medium, The Witch and The Shaman" (Mom and Hubby, too) all willing to assist in learning along our journey. Alot of information in their little eclectic store! Highly recommend taking... the opportunity to stop by to say Hi!, to have a moment in harmony, to open more doors of possiblilities of this journey. Really appreciate the time spent in your store! Thank You! Quotes
Jamie Evans
Satisfied Client

Quotes Sable is an amazing woman and even before I met her son, who is also an extremely gifted individual, I loved to come into her shop for advice and great supplies to start me off on my own spiritual journey. Thanks to her, Erin and their family, I have opened my eyes to a whole other world with endless possibilities. I am happy to be a part of the family, and excited to be learning so much. I hope I can stop by more often to experience all the positive vibes and high energy in the "threads that bind us". Quotes
Kayla Clarke-Brown
Daughter In Law to be

Quotes Sable is the most knowledgeable Witch I know! Quotes
Psychic & Witch

Quotes I came to "The Threads That Bind Us" and to meet Diane in January 2009. I had been searching for a metaphysical source in Vernon since 2008 and it seemed that many people sent me in the direction of her store. Yet I hesitated - I was worried that because it was a Wiccan store that I would not find that spiritual source I was looking for. Then a new acquaintance encouraged me to come to one of Diane's Wednesday evening classes with her. I felt very comfortable in the small class on Elemental Magick. I understood that Diane and her husband Erin have a special quality to make anyone from any background feel at ease expressing themselves on any level. I had found the metaphysical source I was looking for in Vernon. I have gone on to attend and teach many events/classes of all kinds at the store and work there as a Psychic Medium. I trust Diane's ability as a Wiccan priestess, psychic and healer, and to connect the community under a common goal to improve lives with knowledge. Quotes
Lois Gueret
Psychic Medium and Healer

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