Fun Stuff Fun Stuff Sable with Camera Taken at my coven sister Rowean's handfasting Spring 2011. 135484676 Drawing Down the Moon Photo by Rowean 135484677 Witches Rowean and I dressed up as ourselves at the Halloween Trick or Treat Trail in Vernon 2009. 135484679 3 Witches Myself and my covenmates, Cedar Ravenscall & Morgana at the first Witches Ball in the Okanagan Samhain 2010. 135487563 Gallows Hill Promo shot and album cover for my goth rock band, Gallows Hill. 135487564 Guitar Player Me playing guitar at Pagan Pride Okanagan 2010. 135487565 Sable & Erin India Style Us at Erin's sister's wedding before his accident. 135487566 Nanaimo Pagan Pride 1 Us at Nanaimo Pagan Pride Day 2010. 135487568 Nanaimo Pagan Pride 2 Us at Nanaimo Pagan Pride Day 2010. 135487569 Sable & Erin Sucking Face So I love my man! So there! 135487570 Sable in the Mountains Taken at the Cherryville Land Clearing in 2010. I like this picture. 135487571 Sexy Witch Me in my sexy witch costume at the first Okanagan Witches' Ball Samhain 2010. 135487572 Harry Potter The coven dressed up in our Witchy best to see the last Harry Potter movie (Summer 2011). Several young women cheered and applauded as we walked in; one gave us a high five and a few young men asked to have their pictures taken with us. Erin is leaning up against the car before he gets in. We got some criticism in the Pagan community for this but I say if we can't have a sense of humour about ourselves then we're in sorry state. It was a fun day! 135487573 Proofs! I got my proofs today! Guess I'm a real writer now, I have physical copies! 194184457 First Book Signing My first book signing at Expressions of Time bookstore in Vernon, BC. 195234590