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Kwan Yin Greetings at the Turn of the Lunar New Year

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 11:20 AM

I've been pretty involved with things as the Lunar New Year has turned.  I've started a new teaching coven and I'm getting to know them better; it's a big group and they're keen and bright and fun and they're keeping me busy with the social aspects.  I've also recently discovered that most of the health problems I've experienced over the past several years can likely be traced to a wheat or gluten allergy, and since you would be amazed at the foods that have wheat in them (like artificial crab, a nasty surprise I discovered last night that turned my touch of seafood stir fry into vegetarian stir fry,) adjusting my diet to accommodate has been an adventure!  I'll rant about all that later; but for now, I promised to channel Kwan Yin, Boddhisatva of Compassion this month for my automatic writing / Drawing Down exercise, and though I am behind on the date that I intended to do this, I give this keyboard over to Her, and welcome Her and invite Her to say what She will to all of you:



See this flame that I hold in my hand? It is the Lavender Flame of Compassion. It is the spark of life itself. For what is Life without compassion? This is the Divine Spark of Creation and it is also the flame that dwells in the heart of all living creatures. The human condition is centered in embracing the Lavender Flame. I know it may look frightening to you; you are afraid of being burned. But the Flame really is quite cool and soothing. You must dare to touch it before it can bring you its healing and soothing balm to your spirit, however.

Come, sit with me. Think of the most calm, tranquil place that you know. Perhaps it is a graden, perhaps a river, maybe it is your own bathtub. Wherever it is, we are there.

What now? Now just sit, child. When was the last time you just sat? Sit, and be, and be here, now, in this, your sacred and soothing place. In the sound of your silence, you will hear and learn more than all of my greatest words could teach you.

Be present with your own heart. Do you feel its anguish? It suffers because of attachment, because of focus on outcome rather than experience and being in the moment. This moment is here, now, for a reason. Why do you

choose to spend so much of yourself worrying about tomorrow? Is it not good enough that you are here today?

When you go from this place, put your hand on the heart of another and ask that peson to do the same for you. Meet eyes and connect in spirit as well as body. Just sit for five minutes. Can you do that? Why not? What are you afraid of? Do you fear that the other person will see how much you care? How can that be a bad thing? Besides, you have nothing to fear. Why would this other person hurt you? The illusion of "Other" is a potent one, is it not? That person is also yourself, just as you are also the Other. Why would you hurt yourself? Choose to just accept, and be.

I would encourage you to love more, but the human condition is love. So you just need to listen more to the wishes of yur own being, and allow love to be. Practice compassion for all living beings. Live as lightly as you can. Trust.

Now, you are already prepared to reenter your busy life. You are rushing, but I will trust that you will come back to just be in your own time. Go in peace and love. If you can, take time to just be everyday. Namaste.

Take the time to just sit for several minutes if you are wanting to have the full effect of Kwan Yin's words.  As I was channelling this, I spent several minutes in quiet meditation.  Try to do that for at least five to ten minutes everyday.  And I will try to take Kwan Yin's advice as well; being busy is something I do too well!  I could learn to just sit and be more.

As I Googled for pictures to add to this blog entry, I found by accident a YouTube video which offers Kwan Yin's  Lavender Flame Reiki Attunement.  It seemed appropriate to link it and so I have.  This video offers the attunement by watching it, so if you are ready to receive the Lavender Flame attunement (which he explains a little at the beginning of the video before offering the attunement,) find a place to sit comfortably and undisturbed, and just allow it to happen.  Here you are:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

The mantra that repeats itself in the video is Kwan Yin's mantra, which encourages compassion and opening your heart chakra.  The mantra, if you wish to work with it, is OM MANI PADME HUM.  If you wish, you can incorporate this in your own life by placing your hands in the prayer position over your heart chakra and repeating the mantra as you begin your daily "just sitting" practice.  You can do it once, three times, or use Buddhist prayer beads to keep track as you recite.

Peace to all, life to all, love to all!

Next Month:  Persephone, Goddess of the Cycle of the Seasons

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