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Eight Paths of Power DVDs (2 Disk Sets)


Available now on DVD in 2 disk sets for each class!

The Eight Paths of Power:

Also known as the "Eightfold Way," are a series of 8 different techniques used in Wicca to perform magick. As detailed in Gardner's Book of Shadows, they are:

• Meditation or Concentration. Called for short, "Intent".

• Trance, projection of the Astral.

• Rites, Chants, Spells, Runes, Charms, etc.

• Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. "Intoxicants".

• The Dance, and kindred practices.

• Blood control (the Cords), Breath Control, and kindred practices.

• The Scourge.

• The Great Rite.

Each of the 8 Paths will be instructed in an intensive seminar that will be broken into individual sections of approximately 10 - 20 minutes.


#1: Intent

The first and most important element in creating magick is forming your Intent. This clearly focuses your magickal efforts towards a specific goal. All magick (Power of Intention, Law of Attraction, or whatever name you want to call it) flows from the essential ability to focus your Intent. This intensive course will include:

• Visualization skills

• Concentration exercises

• Meditation exercises

• How to learn your True Will

• How to beat the “I Can’ts” and “That’s Impossibles!”

• How to clearly request what you actually want from the Universe - and get it!

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#2: Trance

Inducing a trance state, an altered state of consciousness, is where most major experiences of magick, mysticism, and psychic ability begin. This is a 6 hour intensive course in Trance, including:

• Definition of a trance state and how it works

• Examination of altered states of consciousness

• Examination of levels of trance

• How to induce trance states

• How to access psychic ability from a trance state

• Lucid dreaming and shamanic work

• Preparation for mediumship and Drawing Down the Moon or Sun

• Accessing different levels of reality and astral projection

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#3: The Craft

This is the most familiar form of Witch’s magick; what people usually think of when they hear the word “Witchcraft.” This intensive course in The Craft will include:

• Basic elements of ritual writing

• The art of spell construction

• The Witches’ Rune and its meaning

• Magickal correspondence tables to aid in your spellcraft

• How to use time to aid your magickal Work

• Commonly used chants in group ritual

• The bardic art of memorization

• Archetypes and their relevance to magick

• A study of symbolism and metaphor

• Accessing your creative abilities to create rituals, chants, songs, charms and spells

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#4: Intoxicants

Intoxicants have been used throughout history to induce trance and create magick. This intensive course in the safe use of these substances will include:

• The safe use of incense in magick

• Particular uses for particular incenses

• The safe use of herbs and spices to induce altered states, psychic abilities, and certain physical effects (such as aphrodisiacs)

• The effect of various commonly-used drugs (marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine) on your spirit, aura, and psychic senses

• The effect of various prescription drugs on magick

• Safe recipes for magickally-oriented Intoxicants

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#5: Dance

Dancing is among the most ancient methods by which power was raised and gods were worshipped. This intensive course in Dance and Sacred Movement will include:

• Basic yoga poses and movements for meditation

• The Five Tibetans or Five Rites

• How to use dancing to raise and direct energy

• Symbolic dance to represent forces of nature, totems and spirits

• Basic belly dancing as sacred art

• Ecstatic dance as worship of the Divine

• Circle dances commonly used in Wiccan ritual

• How to perform (and lead) a Spiral Dance

All levels of physical ability are welcome! Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.

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#6: Blood and Breath Control

Mystics from ancient times have used the breath and blood flow to induce meditative states. Lady Sable Aradia will instruct you in an intensive course in the use of these techniques, including:

• The importance of proper breathing

• Basic Pranayama and Yogic Breathing

• Introduction to the chakras and chakra breathing exercises

• Postures to alter blood flow

• Basic biofeedback techniques

• Binding and sensory deprivation as meditation methods

• The Breath of Fire to raise energy

No one will be asked to participate in anything that makes her uncomfortable or puts her at risk.

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#7: The Scourge

The Scourge is the most misunderstood and controversial magickal technique used in Wicca. More than just a tool, it is a symbol of suffering as a path to enlightenment. This course will include:

• A discussion and debate as to the necessity of pain and suffering

• A discussion of near death experiences, disability and Rites of Passage, and how they awaken shamanic power

• Examining how your times of suffering have improved your character and personal power

• Ritual to release limiting attachments

• Guided meditation to meet and come to terms with your Shadow Self

• Creating minor discomfort to induce trance states

• The traditional, proper technique of Scourging in Wicca and why it works.

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#8: The Great Rite

The Great Rite, or Sacred Marriage, is an ancient and powerful magickal technique to commune with the Divine. Lady Sable Aradia will instruct you in an intensive course on all aspects of the Great Rite, including:

• The theory behind the Great Rite

• Balancing polarities of yin and yang energy

• Sex magick theory and a discussion of how to practice it

• A moving meditation to honour the Divine forces of Creation

• Tantric breathing exercises

• Drawing Down the Moon and Sun

• Performing a Symbolic Great Rite and how to perform an actual Great Rite

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